Your Home Walls Painted Black: Dare or Not?

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Would you dare paint your home walls black?

Painting the home walls black is definitely daring! But can it be scary? Don’t let anyone fool you. Black walls will enhance the dramatic effect but will look good and inspiring only under certain circumstances. Bring black into a low ceiling and hardly illuminated by the sun room and the results will be disastrous unless all other elements are selected carefully to enhance the dramatic effect of black walls.

So, there are good and bad things about black walls. And if you have the courage to dare painting walls black, it’s best to know the good and bad sides of this hue, and what you can do to enhance its effect without overdramatizing the interior.

The downside of black walls

If you are inclined in using black for some home walls, it’s best to know the downside of such interior design ideas.

Enhance faulty parts

Black is not forgiving when it comes to wall imperfections. It will make them stand out, especially if you use glossy paintings. So, prefer matte coatings and fix up drywall chips first.

Brings darkness

Black is black. Thus, it’s dark. It won’t brighten up the room. It will steal some of the light and will make the space darker. After all, this is what enhances drama. And all is well as long as you don’t expect a very cheerful room.

Shrink the space

Think of your little black dress. There is one for each and every woman. It has been an essential part of every wardrobe because it can be worn in all occasions. But also because it makes the shape look slimmer. Now follow the same direction when you think of black walls. They will make the room look smaller.

Not good for your mood

No matter how much we love black, it’s not the most cheerful color. If it’s not used the right way, it might make the place feel kind of depressing and this will have an impact on your mood.

Hard to paint over

The practical problem will be when you will decide to paint over black and use a lighter hue. This will be a real struggle.

Hard to paint

If you are considering DIY painting, black is not the easier color. You need to choose the right coating and shade, and be extra careful not to get the trims or floors dirty.

How to patch up the downfalls of the black color

If you have your doubts about black, don’t start large. Paint one wall first. With small doses of such radical changes, you will be able to see the effects and whether or not you like the result.

What you can do?

Start with the bathroom. There is usually a window and so some natural light. This is a private room and so you won’t have anyone judging your choices. And then there is a mirror and plenty of accessories to break the macabre looks of black.

This brings us to a very smart interior design trick. The key word is accessories. From furniture to framed pictures and decorative elements, each little (or not so little) thing you add to the room must be chosen in order to create the expected balance.

Black is very chic and elegant. One of its best qualities is that it makes enough ‘noise’ and the room extremely powerful without making it busy. But in order to enjoy its elegance and unique eccentricity, you need to pay attention to the rest of the elements in space.

  • One of the smartest tricks is to paint the ceiling white. It will enable the eye to travel up and so the room won’t look short.

If you don’t mind some structural changes, you can enlarge the windows. This will bring more light into the room and thus harmony with black. Another way to break black walls and make the room extremely classy is to keep trims white. You can install wide window casing. If the room is rather tall, a wide and even ornate white crown molding will elevate elegance.

The best partners for black walls?

Let us get back to accessories and furniture. The best partners would be items selected to match the style but also color. Black walls make a statement in minimal homes, but also play a decorative role in your bedroom, living room, dining room and any space in the house.

As far as style is concerned, strict lines go well with black walls. Classic furniture and golden hues will also match but bring a more baroque aura to the room. But it all depends on how you use them. For example, a large bronze framed mirror on a black wall will look splendid. But stop there. Don’t make the wall too busy.

If you like a minimal approach, choose white and black pictures. If you want to ‘lighten’ up the black wall, hang some abstract artwork.

Your sofa can still be black as long as you have items to break the hue. What goes nicely with black is blond wood. And that’s not only for floor choices. It will be a lovely and very contemporary combination for kitchen furniture too.

Similar to blond wood is bronze or brass. That’s for decorative items around the room. Other alternatives for your sofas will be turquoise, red, yellow, green and any other intense color. Naturally, white is always the first option. But be careful. Don’t use too much color. Apart from white, choose only one intense color to make a statement and not a circus. You can also invest in geometric designs or textures for your cushions.

Nothing will make the room with the black walls as the backdrop friendlier and cozier than greenery. Add plants. And flowers. Green leaves against a black wall look fantastic.

When black walls are almost a must

  • If you have a floor to ceiling built in bookcase, paint it black. If this part of the room is all black, it will blend nicely with the color books bring. And it will be a nice start when you first attempt to use black in the house.
  • Black is also very chic when the wall is covered with floor to ceiling wainscoting panels. Even if you don’t use black, dark gray will look equally elegant. And that’s because full panels become the ultimate wall decoration on their own. Black will come to add glamour.
  • A black wall will also be splendid on the side the fireplace is located. If you have wainscoted the fireplace mantel or have brought the panel all the way up to the ceiling, the black walls on both sides will just bring out the elegance of the white wainscot.
  • Black walls will also make the perfect backdrop when you want to hang too many pictures, portraits, or black & white graphics. It will make this part of the room really sophisticated.

And don’t forget that a blackboard is also a black wall. It will be a great alternative in the kitchen (for practical purposes too) and in the kid’s room (and let them draw away).

Go for it!!!

There is a good side of black. It can hide smudges and add sophistication, but only when it is used right. How you use it depends on the effect you want to give. Black brings drama on its own. Add a chandelier and you enhance the dramatic effect. Throw a yellow armchair in the room and you make it contemporary. Just remember how to blend colors and stick to one style to make black walls work.

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