Why White Is the Ultimate Interior Design Color

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White homes, my friends! This is the ultimate interior design color. And not just because I love it! It actually allows you to start fresh! It enables you to discover your deepest creativity and ‘paint’ on a blank canvas. White is the canvas! You just add splashes of yellow, red, gray or black by using colorful objects and accessories. And that’s simply to avoid the ‘hospital’ like looks. But there is always the choice of keeping it all in white.

Ever wondered why interior designers would suggest white master bathrooms?

It has to do with the purity and calmness white colors bring. Since hygiene and cleanliness are both associated with bathrooms, white comes to give the results you expect. It’s no wonder that interior designers would tell you that the half bathroom can be colorful while the main bathroom in the house should preferably be white. You spend some time in there. Don’t you? And all this time, you must feel relaxed and clean.

Doesn’t it feel so relaxing in white bedrooms?

What you seek when you go to bed is relaxation – a sense of calmness. You want to slip through your sheets, stretch your legs and put another difficult day behind you. White color helps.

Okay, you say! We are fine with white bedrooms and bathrooms. But the whole house???

Well, my friends, I understand why the color white might ‘scare’ you away. It can easily create a sense of austerity making the room or house uninviting and cold. Unless you like this style, there are two ways to avoid that:

  1. Focus on different materials. There is no need to have white painted walls. Think of the difference it will make if you install a white beadboard wainscoting in the bathroom wall. Although it will still be white, wood as a material will make the space warmer.

Pay attention: the combination of white and glass will make spaces even colder. It’s always best to invest in wood, even if you decide to paint it white. You can use (white) wood for window and door casing, the floor, and furniture.

  1. Another way to avoid austerity and thus cold environments is to pick more colorful objects. After all, your house won’t be empty. You will most likely have books, stationery, cushions, and a variety of decorative objects around.

That’s where the ‘white canvas’ comes handy. If your home is already too colorful – in terms of walls and floors, the colorful objects will only come to make the rooms stuffier.

With the base all-white, you can add any object you want and in any color to give your own personality to the space.

Hang in there!

There are a few more reasons why white is the ultimate interior design color

And it has to do with function. Not only will it allow you to play with each room by using objects to make a statement, but it will also give the impression that the room is bigger. That’s one of the advantages of white.

If there is limited natural light in one room, it will make it brighter. If there are big openings, white will reflect light better.

White is actually very practical. You don’t need to fear it. People have a tendency not to get a white sofa because they have pets and kids. They don’t paint walls white because they get dirty. Well, white can be washed, cleaned, and repainted easier and faster than any other color.

White looks good in any home and room. And it matches well with any other color or material. Think of a white home with wooden floors and furniture. Match the white kitchen cabinets with bronze, antique, or nickel hardware.

White can be used to create any stunning contrast and succeed in it.

Another advantage of all white homes?

There are no distractions. The eye travels smoothly all through the house discovering the little things and accessories without getting tired.

And let me tell you, white is never boring! You might get tired of intense colors and it will be difficult to repaint a blue or yellow wall. But with white, you will never get bored because it goes unnoticed while making a statement – if you get my meaning. And then, you can repaint it easily and use all sorts of wall decorations to bring life into it.

Ways to break the ‘white’ but still have a white home

Warm white patinas! You can’t go wrong with that. First of all, you can use this method to bring life into old furniture. And then, the result will be impressive and totally welcoming. Your furniture, cabinet doors, or closets will still be white and thus will enlarge the space but keep it warm.

And don’t forget one important factor: white has more shades than you think. You can use bright white or off-white, a very light gray or baby-blue to pinpoint the utility of a room or make a statement.

Another idea? Throw a red armchair in a white living room and see the place speaking on its own.

White is the safe way to remodel and decorate your home and be sure that you won’t go wrong. You can start by having the base in white and build up colors.

The psychology behind the white color

White may have different meanings in different places around the world but in interior design, white is used to give an airy feeling in space. And that happens because white is transparent, the basic, neutral color, and a reminder of clouds, clear water, and fresh snow. So, it’s natural and that inspires us, gives us power, and make us feel pure.

White means…

…simplicity, elegance, purity, calmness, cleanliness, hope. It will fill you with joy and keep you optimistic. And you will get the reaction ‘oh, your house looks so clean, big, and fresh!’

That would be a nice reaction and a good feeling for you. Wouldn’t it?

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