Who Said Gifts Under $10 Are Trash?

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We would all agree on two things.

  • Not all households have the budget to get pricey gifts for everyone.
  • Everyone deserves a gift when they organize a party, dinner or get together.

There is no doubt that the above statements contradict one another. It’s not that we don’t like to get a nice gift to those who have invited us over. But we often cannot afford expensive gifts – not even twenty dollar worth gifts. Does that mean we will have to turn down an invitation? Definitely no! And then there is another tiny issue. That of feeling the obligation to add an extra small item to a gift we have already bought for someone – just because we don’t think the gift suffices on its own or want to surprise the receiver or make him/her laugh.

It only makes sense to think that all items under ten bucks are trash. But this isn’t the case. If you think about it, there are all sorts of items that can make a nice gift on their own or be combined with other items. So we did some digging and are pleased to provide you with a few nice ideas.

(Please note that Graham and Green is located in Great Britain and so the currency is in British Pounds!)

UTILO Set of 2 Olive Spoons

This is a beautiful set of two stainless steel spoons. If you can’t see it, we draw your attention at the center of the spoons where there is a small slot which enables the drainage of the olive liquid. They are manufactured in Germany, are 5.7” long, and make a useful kitchen accessory.

Where you can find it: Lumens Lights & Living

Anna G. Magnet

You will love this product. Not only it is cheap, but also bears the name of one of the most popular brands: Alessi. On top of that, this is a corkscrew that also serves as a magnet (you get that by its name). Your new friend Anna won’t only open the bottle of wine but also keep the family pictures on the fridge.  Your friends will love her. Anna is useful, petite, and dressed in pink.

Where you can find it: Lumens Lights & Living

Iron Butterfly Tea Light Holders

They are the most beautiful tea light holders we found online. They come in two sizes. The small one is 8 cm (H) and 11 cm (W) while the large one is 12.5 cm (H) and 17 cm (W). And they are both priced under ten dollars. Due to their design, they let candle light travel in different directions making a cozy atmosphere. They make a lovely gift.

Where you can find it: Graham & Green

Tomato Storage Tins Set of Two

If your friends like modern items, are practical and love the idea of getting smart gifts, you can’t go wrong with this set of storage tins. This is a set of two. The larger tin is 13×14 cm while the smaller is 10×12 cm. How can they be used? One can put cooking spoons, napkins, makeup tools, nails, pencils, glasses, brushes, crayons or buttons. So they can be used for anything and in any room in the home.

Where you can find it: Graham & Green

G&G Charity Bag for Life

Totes always come handy. When you get this cotton bag, you also give your love & help to other people. All profits from this bag do directly to the charity Hicap to aid the work done in remote areas. Its dimension is 72 (H) x 40 cm (W) x 10 cm (D) – including the handle. It’s hand wash only.

Where you can find it: Graham & Green

Tea Light Hanging Lantern

This is one tea light holder which you can hang and enjoy the candle light shed through the beautiful pattern of this item. It is 13 cm (H) and 8 cm (W). It’s a lovely gift for Christmas since we have a tendency to light up all sorts of candles but also a nice present for outdoor usage.

Where you can find it: Graham & Green

Jumbo Cups

What we loved about these cups apart from their nice size are their design and colors. They have a retro style and are simple enough to look nice in any household. Sometimes, simple things are much more elegant. Their colors add to the charm. Their size is 9 cm (H) x 14 cm (W) x 18 cm (D). So one can use them for tea, cereal, or soup.

Where you can find it: Graham & Green

Keys’ Wooden Box

This is one of the most practical boxes that combines utility and high aesthetics. It’s a great present to those who keep searching for their keys. It is made of Paulownia wood and features a glass top so that the users will easily detect their keys. You can also find the same exact box for coins too. Very functional as well. Its dimension are 16 cm (H) x 8.7 cm (W) x 5.2 cm (D).

Where you can find it: Graham & Green

Gold Embellished Feather Quill Pens

If your friends love writing, appreciate office gifts, or like the idea of having traditional items, these feathered pens will be an excellent gift for them. The feathers come in different designs and colors. These are black ink ballpoint pens with a gold colored metal barrel. This is a natural product and so the size of the feather might vary.

Where you can find it: Graham & Green

Romance Vase Collection

This is a collection of clear glass vases which may complement one another or be sold individually. Their shapes and sizes vary and range from a bulb 16 cm (H) vase to a pumpkin shaped 9 cm (H) vase. Their prices vary based on size/style but they are all under ten English pounds. They can make a wonderful gift whether you accompany them with flowers, get one vase or the entire collection.

Where you can find it: Graham & Green

Copper Back Scratcher

Your friends might not have told you but they surely like to have someone scratching their back. Who could do a better job than their own personal scratcher! Designed for this exact purpose, this little item has a telescopic handle which is extendable up to 50 cm. It’s slim, beautiful and practical. It will cause great laughs too. We can assure you this is a great gift because we’ve got it ourselves and definitely use it.

Where you can find it: Graham & Green

White Goose Foot Egg Cup

Happy gifts are always welcomed! Check out this goose foot egg cup. It can’t get any funnier than that! It’s the perfect way to start your day. Your friends will start boiling instead of frying eggs just for the fun of it and so you’ll be doing them in favor, especially if they try to go on a diet. If they are bird fans, all the better.

Where you can find it: Graham & Green

Double Wing Butterfly – Set of 12

That’s a beautiful gift, especially to those who love butterflies. This is a set of 12 butterflies in all kinds of sizes. They include pads which are easy to stick and their two-wing design creates a three-dimensional look which is definitely impressive. Each set is a different color. You simply have to take your pick.

Where you can find it: Dot & Bo

‘Just Because’ Candle Tin

Since we all love candles but also scents, this candle tin makes a perfect gift. The candles are made of 100% cosmetic grade soy wax, which is infused with natural oils. Your choices?

  1. Oh-So-Citrus candles that take you in the Mediterranean shores. They emit a pleasant odor of Portuguese lavender, oranges, and geranium.
  2. Tea Garden candles are an excellent choice for those who love the calmness the ceremony of enjoying a Chinese tea brings.
  3. Fulfill Mint has an uplifting scent that will take you to Australia and will fill your nostrils with the cleanliness of mint and eucalyptus.
  4. Sweet Chai is the most exotic candle. It will take you to the Indian marketplace and fill you with the warmth of spices.

Where you can find it: Dot & Bo

Virgo Coaster Dish design by Thomas Paul

This is an elegant 4.5” (diameter) coaster and only one of the themes the designer Thomas Paul has created. The colors and designs are awesome and inspired by traditional motifs used around the world and especially in ancient China. It is made of high quality melamine which is dishwasher safe. It’s priced low enough to get two and still get a gift for under ten dollars.

Where you can find it: Burke Décor

Calliope Rhinestone Ornaments

If you are looking for a Christmas gift and would love to find ornaments, nothing will beat the beauty of these Victorian glass rhinestone ornaments. You can find them in flower, star and snowflake shapes. They are rose toned and copper plated and come with a chocolate colored and soft leather hanging loop. They are of different size and each is priced differently. They can decorate the Christmas tree, or window, or door, or desk or kitchen. They are true jewels.

Where you can find it: Burke Décor

Rust Finish Whale Wall Hook

We can all afford to have an extra hook to hang towels, coats, bath robes, clothing – you name it. Although this is a nautical themed hook, it can become a great addition to any home – and not just a cottage home. It has a rust finish and is a great mid-century style gift. Its dimensions are 2.5” x 1.75” x 3”.

Where you can find it: Burke Décor

Steep Up to the Plate Teabag Rest design by Fishs Eddy

This is a beautiful ceramic plate, which measures 4-1/4” (H) x 4-1/4” (W). It is made to become the home of your teabag but you can surely use it to put candy, place the soup spoon while you are cooking, put coins, or even heat up leftovers. After all, it is dishwasher and microwave safe.

Where you can find it: Burke Décor

Many, many, many gift choices without spending much

As you can see, there are lots of smart and useful gifts you can get with under $10. And they are no trash either. Quite the contrary. They are very beautiful gifts, which are worth having them home in the event you get an invitation all of a sudden. And we assure you that no one will ever know how much you paid for them! Their design, high aesthetics and function will get in the way.

Please note that Graham and Green is located in Great Britain and so the currency is in British Pounds!


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