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November is the perfect time to start your Christmas gift list. And although your kids, spouse and mama might be first on your list, don’t forget that there will come a time when you will need some smart home gift ideas. That’s when you are invited to a colleague’s home for dinner and want to skip personal gifts. Or when your in-laws have already insinuated that they have enough gloves and knitted scarves to last them for two life-times. To make a fast argument, there will come a time when you will need to get a home gift without spending a fortune. That’s where this article comes handy.

You can order the home gifts we suggest or browse the products of the companies and find what you like. Although there are gifts for all budgets, we chose frugal items. After all, gifts are supposed to be a nice gesture. An expression of our thankfulness and appreciation for someone’s efforts. Since we are advocates of home gifts, which don’t only occupy space but also serve a purpose, we tried to make a smart selection. So we have picked gift ideas, which will add glamor to your friend’s home, will serve a cause, and won’t cost you a lot. How about that!

We have chosen three companies, which sell amazing home items for all tastes and budgets. After some consideration, we picked two items from each company and avoided Christmas-related gifts (bells, stars, anything related only to the festive season). Since our list is confined to only a few products, we wanted to offer gift ideas for all seasons. After all, you might be invited to a friend’s home right after Christmas…

Dot & Bo Furniture

We love this company because it offers an interesting curated collection of modern furniture for every home and every room. They have furniture and items inspired by all parts of the world and so you can find anything you like whether you are seeking bohemian, industrial or mid-century home décor styles. The $$ price tags make it easy for everyone to shop from Dot & Bo and add modern and useful items to their home.

Gifts we chose from Dot & Bo

Reclaimed wood serving tray

It’s made of 100% reclaimed wood and is sanded to have a smooth and inviting finish. Since wood tones vary, each tray will be slightly different but similar to that in the picture. But that’s what also makes it unique. It weighs 10 lbs. and measures 21×14.

Why we chose this tray?

Because it can look beautiful in any modern home, it’s stunning and definitely useful. A tray always comes handy and it is a beautiful gift to even those who have everything.

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Warren stoneware sake set by Viski

This is a five-piece sake set all in black. And who doesn’t love black accessories? So, what you get is a beautiful stoneware with an obsidian base, which is glossy to make the pieces of this set even more inviting. It weighs 3 lbs. and consists of a carafe and four cups.

Why we chose this set?

First of all, it’s dishwasher safe and thus practical. And then everyone would welcome a new serving carafe with cups. It’s not expensive. It’s functional and needless to say how sleek and elegant it is.

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Burke Décor

When a team of designers, photographers and artists got together, Burke Décor was born. Inspired by items and furnishings around the world, they curate their products and offer many solutions whether you are looking for rugs, furniture, or gifts. You can find items in all price tags and tastes. We chose a couple of home gifts, which are modern and eye-catching. Exactly what you want to offer and what your friends would love to get.

Gifts we chose from Burke Décor

Crystal AVVA tumblers by Teroforma

These are non-lead 8 ounce crystal tumblers and come out in four colors: clear, shoal blue, charcoal grey, and lantern green. Totally inspired by jewel colors. Their design is perfect. Pay attention to their angles. The one complements the other. They are made so that the users will always know which glass belongs to them. They are handmade and fit perfectly in everyone’s hand. They are polished with a special solution to provide absolute clarity and they are not too fragile. Their price is per pair.

Why we chose these tumblers?

Let us kindly remind you that every household can never get enough glasses. They are excellent for whiskey or even water and wine. There are no words to describe the elegance of their simple and smart design. Since they are not too fragile, they are exactly what we want in our everyday life. So this set is exactly what we all want to keep in our bar or kitchen cabinets. Oh, you can put them in the dishwasher too.

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Bottle grinder 2 pack in ash & carbon with stainless steel top design by Menu

This is a set of two spice grinders. They have an upside down design which allows you to sprinkle salt and pepper when you want and without leaving marks on the tablecloth or table. Their height is 7.8”. They are thick enough to let you hold them with ease but are still extremely elegant. The top part is made of stainless steel and the rest of ceramic grinder and plastic. The pack includes an ash (off-white) and a carbon (dark grey) grinder.

Why we chose this pack of grinders?

Because everyone likes to have a nice pair of salt and pepper grinders to put on the table. This gift provides function without taking away the charm of table accessories. The design is simple enough to be minimalistic and glamorous. It’s a gift that everyone would appreciate.

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Graham and Green

The first shop of Graham and Green opened in 1974 in Notting Hill, London. Since then the company has come a long way and today it is a great source of furniture and all sorts of home accessories and gifts. The founder travels all over the world to discover the most inviting home accessories that we all love to have in our homes.

Gifts we chose from Graham & Green

Lovely Things crate on wheels

Made of mango wood, this storage crate is versatile and practical. It comes fully assembled, weighs 3.36 kg, and can be easily cleaned. It features orange wheels, which make it modern but also an inspiring industrial item due to its clean line and lovely wood tone. Note that its dimensions are: 29 cm (H) x 44 cm (W) x 32 cm (D).

Why we chose this crate?

It’s big enough to hold magazines and newspapers but also small one to fit small items and still find them. You can use it in the living room, kid’s bedroom, your bedroom, or kitchen. You can actually keep it anywhere and for different usages. It makes a unique gift that will really be appreciated for its great utility. And you can fill it with candy or two bottles of wine to make it ideal for Christmas.

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Set of six Laguiole steak knives

If you are wondering what Laguiole knives are, let us enlighten you. Laguiole is not a brand but the name of a city in France where traditionally pocket knives of this shape are made. And so knives of this shape are called Laguiole knives.

This is a set of six steak knives. What makes them impressive apart from the unique Laguiole shape is the ivory acrylic handle.

Why we chose this set of Laguiole steak knives?

If your friends are steak lovers and like an elegant touch to their dinner table, they will love this set. The ivory handle and the unique shape of the knives make them elegant and modern. They are slim, safe to wash in the dishwasher, and definitely useful.

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A kind reminder to all those with the burden to order Christmas gifts…

It’s never too early to make a list of all the gifts you want to give this Christmas. And don’t forget the unexpected dinner invitations!!! They leave you wondering what to get at the last moment. So do get an extra gift this year, wrap it up and if no unexpected invitations come your way this Christmas, just unwrap the gift and enjoy it yourself. Don’t you deserve it?

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