Stage a Christmas “Shelfie” Totally Tailored to Your Personal Aesthetics

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Adding a festive mood around your home is not all about shopping Christmas decorations. It’s about finding your style first. When it comes to Christmas decoration ideas and products, you won’t run out of options. From Christmas lights, ornaments, and stockings to Christmas garlands, wreaths, and home décor items ranging from rugs to kitchen utensils, there are thousands of choices. The Christmas tree stands among all other items as the king of decorations. But do we need to have a Christmas tree?

We all love these holidays and keep all sorts of Christmas decorations hidden in the basement or attic. But since we all also want some refreshing ideas and items year after year, perhaps it’s time to consider a Christmas theme. Setting a perfect festive scenery at your home has little to do with what is popular and everything to do with what you really like. This year, you might want to stage your very own and personalized Christmas ‘shelfie’ to enjoy even more.

Stage your Christmas “shelfies”

Decorating the home for Christmas is not about throwing ornaments here and there to make the living room red & green. The idea is to choose the right Christmas ornaments and decorate each corner with care. Just like any home décor endeavors, you don’t want to overwhelm the space and create chaos. It’s preferable to keep one focal point in the room and let the rest of the items play a supportive role. So, when we talk about Christmas ‘shelfies’, we don’t actually mean decorating one particular shelf or bookcase but making one particular architectural element or furniture or décor item the focal point.


There are many Christmas window decoration ideas and they are all great for the simple reason that they are not only indoor decors. They are also seen from outdoors and this will help you decorate the exterior with fewer moves. You can actually hang anything you like. All kinds of Christmas ornaments, wreaths, garlands, lights, pinecones, or gifts – make sure to use empty boxes wrapped as gifts so that they won’t be heavy. Of course, you can use a white marker to write Christmas wishes on the glass. Or place a table right under your window and place candles on it. Or place bowls with Christmas treats. Or cut paper snowflakes and stage a scenery that can be viewed from outside.


Decorating front doors but also internal doors with wreaths is classic. But not all wreaths are the same. They can be plain and green or ornate with silver bells, pinecones, or even fruit. You might add ribbons and tiny gifts, or sprinkle some artificial snow. You can bind together cookies and candy for a ‘delicious’ wreath, or make it extra colorful by using a lot small and medium size Christmas balls.

Alternatively, you can create a bundle of greenery and hang it with a green, silver, or red ribbon. Or you can tie ribbons to pinecones and bind the ribbons together to hang them on the door. Or you can use jumbo felt letters to spell: JOY, LOVE, MERRY CHRISTMAS…

For arched doors and openings, you can use quite a few Christmas balls and ribbons to create an ornamented arch that will be eye-catching and impressive. Prefer one- or two-color ornaments.


You can hang anything you like on the wall from wreaths to one-dimensional Christmas trees made of candy or balls. You can use empty frames, thick ribbons with large bells, stencils with Christmas themes, sparkling stars, or snowflakes. Don’t forget that you can decorate the existing items on the walls. From mirrors to shelves, you can use garlands, bells, and lights to add a festive tone.

The fireplace mantel

The fireplace mantel is the ideal place to hang stockings and garlands. Classic solutions. Add a cheerful tone by hanging bells and ribbons too. You can place gigantic stars or empty vases with evergreens or Christmas balls. This is definitely the best place to decorate with candles, pinecones, and lanterns.


There is no doubt that garlands make the best staircase Christmas decorations. Complement the décor with silver ribbons for a more elegant look or polka dotted ribbons for a more cheerful look. You can add balls, bells, berries, cards, and pinecones. You can use adhesive green, white, or red paper to stick on the stairs in the shape of a Christmas tree. You can place wrapped gifts or a lantern on each stair. Hang stockings, little felt Santas, toys, or ornaments.

The Christmas tree

Christmas trees are the traditional way to decorate for the holidays. But they hold a very special place in our hearts. And after all, this holiday is all about tradition. But you can bring a touch of modernity to your tree by sticking to monochromatic themes, focusing on ribboning, or decorating just with Christmas lights. Although the classic tree is green, you can get any color you like and choose the colors of your ornaments accordingly. For example, a white Christmas tree will look splendid with purple, or silver, or red, or gold balls – one color only. Or you can honor Santa this year and use his famous fur-trimmed hat in all dimensions to decorate the tree with or without candy canes. Or you can only use snowflakes or pinecones – frosted or not.

What’s very popular this year is wooden Christmas trees. A fascinating idea is to have a tree made of crossed wooden planks, where you can hang or just place your ornaments. If you lack space and still like the idea of a wooden tree, you can get a wooden board cut in the shape of the Christmas tree with narrow shelves where you can place your ornaments. These boards are placed against the wall. If you don’t like that, you can have a tree made of separate boards with a large base. You can place it indoors or outdoors, paint it any color you like or leave it natural, and keep it for years.

The ideal Christmas tablescape

Christmas tablescapes often depend on how formal or informal the dinner will be. But let me kindly remind you that even if this is a family dinner without special guests, it’s still your Christmas dinner. And it should be as formal as it can get. Just to get you out of the rut. And so when it comes to the Christmas tablescape, you shouldn’t be concerned only about the decoration but also about your serving dishes.

The Christmas table scheme might range from a majestic snowscape to a red & green classic or silvery/goldish look. You can go over-dramatic with chocolate and gold hues for formal appearances or keep it warm with pinecones, bowls full of nuts, and jars filled with berries.

You don’t have to use Christmas themed serving dishes and platters but the set should match if this is a formal dinner. All the same, you can use similar serving dishes and glassware in different colors. This will break the ice and make the tablescape more playful. Since there will be ornaments all over the house and on the table, it’s better to keep the setting of the table simple. Just like Christmas decorations, focus on one focal point on the table. If you use a bold color for the tablecloth, use subtle colors for the rest of the items – like white. Although silver and gold are not subtle hues, they will also make a perfect match for this occasion.

Choose your favorite Christmas theme

In order to personalize your Christmas decorations, choose a theme. Apart from concentrating on one focal point, you should also select how you want to play with your decorations. What theme, you might ask! The theme is Christmas. Yes, but you want to take turns based on whether your house is modern, minimal or traditional. Or whether you are sick and tired of the red & green scheme and want to play with different color scheme cards.

So, get started by selecting your Christmas color scheme. Red and green is always an option. White is the timeless choice. Nothing beats the elegance of gold & silver. But you can also play with purples, blues, and orange tones. And don’t forget to mix & match. White pairs beautifully with silver, gold, and brown. Green goes lovely with blue and silver. When you tie ribbons with pinecones, pick blue ribbons in different tones. They will be a refreshing idea. Orange and red make a great couple too. And you can combine them with green. It depends on how much color you want to bring in the room. If you have a minimal white home, you might want to stick with silver and white hues for all ornaments.

And then again, your theme this season might not be the color but the ornaments. If you simply love Christmas trees, get them in all types and sizes. If you like snowflakes, you can hang them everywhere. If you like to fill jars and bowls, use toys, kitchen accessories, lanterns and be creative. You can fill them with tiny balls, fruit and nuts, berries, leaves, artificial snow – you name it.

With so many Christmas decorations & ideas, there isn’t something you won’t find. Just remember ‘to take sides’ when you decorate to avoid a house cluttered with Christmas ornaments. And one more thing: Cook & bake. A house without the smell of Christmas is not festive at all. HO HO HO – as Santa would say!!!


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