Quirky Kitchen Gadgets We Could All Live Without. But Why Should We?

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If Adam and Eve really existed, they didn’t just bite the apple. They had to eat to survive. But how about cooking? Who was the first man that cooked food? The scientists studying evolutionary history believe that cooking goes back around 2 million years. Evidence shows that our dear Home Erectus cooked food 500,000 years ago. Since then the cuisine of each nation around the world has come a long way. The industrial revolution enabled the better preservation of food and mass production. Processed and canned food defined the eating habits. And then we started talking about nutrition, food pyramids, and ways to make our meals healthier.

Now, you are probably wondering:

Why bother with the cooking history when talking about kitchen gadgets?

Modern kitchen gadgets are here to serve the chef. Not necessarily a professional chef! As long as you spend time in the kitchen preparing meals for the family or organizing dinner parties with friends, you will need the best possible kitchen accessories.

The evolutionary history helps us to understand that our habits change. We always try to find ways to make each task easier and thus save time. Our ancestors spent considerable time rubbing sticks or stones to light a fire as soon as they discovered that cooked food tasted better and was digested easier (or something along these lines). Today, we just press the stove button.

Food preparation utensils followed the same evolutionary route as appliances. Once upon a time, people used knives, forks, spoons and a few plates. Today, having a simple cheese grater is not enough. The evolution in kitchen accessories came as a response to our modern hectic lifestyle and a strong come-back to the kitchen.

Why are kitchen accessories a must?

What’s noticed with quirky kitchen gadgets is that all cooking tasks are completed much faster. And that’s necessary when most people have to prepare breakfast for at least 2-3 kids, get their lunch boxes ready, have dinner ready on the table, feed guests, make desserts, and always keep a freshly baked cake in the house. From squeezing lemons to opening cans, the job is done faster and better with the right tools. So there is no question about it. Each and every kitchen needs lots and lots of accessories.

The question is why a simple cheese grater won’t do the job!



Evolution allowed us to move from a hand lemon squeezing machine to an electric lemon squeezer. Today, you can find tiny cheese graters but also long & stylish ones. The idea is to use the exact tool you want on each occasion. You don’t need a large tool for a tiny piece of cheese and thus don’t waste water washing it either. But you can’t spend an hour grating cheese for 10 people either.

The innovative designs of the latest kitchen gadgets add functionality. And that’s the most important thing. There are many small electric appliances. But even hand handled ones are versatile, easy to use and designed to make no mess on your counter or tablecloth.

And there is no doubt that the newest kitchen gadgets are extremely beautiful. Why should you care about that? Because many kitchens are open plan now and you want to display only gorgeous objects. After all, we have so many accessories in the kitchen, it’s hard to find a place in the cabinets for all. Some (especially the ones we use daily) are left on the counter. The greater the design the better. And it’s not about appearances only either. It’s about us having fun when we are cooking. Even if you spend time in the kitchen, you want to enjoy it and have fun when you prepare meals. And don’t forget that when kitchens became focal points in the house, they became the rooms where you sit with friends too. You want them neat and beautiful.

Even if you can’t remodel the kitchen, you can spruce it up by adding splendid accessories. Apart from actual kitchen tools, you can add a beautiful clock, a stylish garbage bin, unique hardware for the cabinets, a modern lamp or a wooden rack.

10 kitchen gadgets to help you choose what you want

Check out this wine glass hanging pot rack at Dot&Bo. We loved it for its utility and style. Since you let it hang from the ceiling, it won’t get in your way or occupy valuable counter space. It would look great over the island or kitchen table. You can hang anything you want – from pots and glasses to oven mitts – and keep all the essentials within easy reach.

In the same online store, we also spotted a very trendy kitchen utensil holder. The combination of wood and metal adds an industrial look without diminishing the traditional touch. The metal part is galvanized and so it won’t rust. We also liked that the boxes can be removed and hence cleaned easier. It surely adds style on the counter.

At Graham & Green, we discovered the perfect house for your kitchen utensils. Check out these storage tins. Fabulous! Aren’t they? They go in pairs and won’t occupy too much space on the counter. And you can use them in multiple ways. For instance, they can host the paper napkins in the kitchen or a friendly dinner table.

At YLiving, we discovered a modern cheese grater. It has a bin that can house the grated cheese and no words describe how cute it is. Its design is unique while it’s very practical since you can grate an amount of cheese for friends and family and still keep it fresh for as long as your lovely dinners last. It’s a perfect gadget for the countertop or dinner table.

No longer available! 

Another item we loved at YLiving is the Sbriciola breadboard. At first glance, it’s a beautiful wooden board where you can slice your bread. What makes it very practical is that it collects crumbs in a removable drawer, which is compartmentalized in two sections. The largest section collects the bread crumbs and the smallest one houses your knife. Smart!

How would you like a wall clock that looks like a pan! We found the ideal pan wall clock at LexMod. It will be the salt & pepper in your kitchen. Clocks always come handy in the kitchen. This is large enough to enable you to check the time at a glance and very stylish. It’s exactly what every kitchen needs in terms of function & design.

Wouldn’t be hilarious to water grass on your counter? We simply loved this sod drying rack at Lumens, which can host your mugs and plates while they are drying out. They will be secured due to the stiff plastic grass and water will end up in a stainless steel tray. It’s eye-catching, adorable and very practical.

If you love fruit, keep them in a fabulous bowl. At Lumens, we found a great collection and distinguished this MoMA Satellite bowl for its unique yet simple form. I guess words are needless when it comes to the Museum of Modern Art. Made of lacquered wood spokes, this bowl will make a vivid impression in every kitchen.

No kitchen is complete without the right lighting fixtures. No matter how important is to have the right ceiling lights, a floor lamp will add style to the kitchen. We don’t suggest table lamps for this room since counters never seem to suffice when we prep meals. But how about a floor lamp? We loved the idea of having a product, which will make traditional kitchens modern and add a traditional elegance to modern kitchens. Check out this wooden tripod floor lamp at LightsOnline. The wooden legs are finished in a blonde, natural tone and the white fabric shade adds to its minimal style.

If you are planning to get new cutlery, stop searching! If you like the modern and industrial design, we spotted the right set for you at Burke Decor. It’s a stainless steel cutlery set (table & teaspoon, fork, and knife) designed in the form of a wrench. It can’t get any cuter!

If you are still wondering why bother with modern kitchen accessories, think of how much time you spend in the kitchen. You want cooking to be enjoyable and easy. And there are so many items to buy to make that happen. The prices range from really cheap to expensive but then again it depends on what you get. Still, the choice is yours but your options more than plenty.


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