How to Make Your Foyer Attractive and Friendly

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No matter what your personal interior design style is, the entryway of your home must be inviting and impressive. When guests first step into your home, they must feel welcomed and charmed. Entryways are often overlooked. We all focus on how to enhance the living room appeal and kitchen renovations. In other words, our mind is set to improvements regarding rooms that get a lot of traffic. But if you think about it, who doesn’t go through your foyer? In order to get to any room in the house, you pass through this entry point.

Foyer interiors create good or bad first impressions

Hmmm, you say! But not anyone really stays in the foyer! We all just pass through! Well, let us be the devil’s advocate for a moment. Entryways are the rooms which first welcome your guests. And they need to feel welcomed. They need to feel embraced by an aura of hospitality. This is reflected by the environment.

If the room is cold & impersonal, your guests might draw the wrong conclusions regarding the entire home decorating style and most importantly about you. Don’t forget that your home interior reflects who you are! And since entryways are the first part of the house your guests see, these rooms create the first impressions. And you definitely know the importance of first impressions.

Matching functionality & aesthetics

You open the door to friends, relatives, business partners, or your own family! And your foyer must serve them all! So it must be beautiful and elegant, but also practical. Your kids should have a place to put their shoes but there should also be a place where guests can hang their coats.

Your foyer decorative ideas should include smart solutions to host everything we ‘park’ when we first enter the home (shoes, scarves, coats, jackets etc.) but in a neat way so that the entryway won’t become messy every time someone walks in.

How to combine function & aesthetics?

There is not a fixed answer here since each home is different. Some entryways are narrow and long. Some are squared and provide immediate access to the sitting room. Some have stairs or arched openings. The secret is to decorate the room based on its structure.

Many front doors open up to face a staircase. This is the focal point of your foyer. In this case, you should not only decorate the space around it but also make sure the stairway is well-maintained and inviting. You can number the stairs, install a raised panel, fill the wall leading up to the upper space with framed pictures, get beautiful cable rails, or apply chalkboard paint to the wall. Your idea must be captivating.

On the other hand, if you have an arched opening leading to the living room, arrange furniture in such a way as to literally drag your guests into the sitting area. Make sure armchairs are seen through the opening. Place an antique where it can be easily viewed and draw attention. For example, you can add an elegant rustic china cabinet and adorn it with decorative items, photos, or books.

It’s easy to fool the eye with wainscoting panels, which travel from the foyer to the living room. The transition would be nice if the opening is trimmed too.

Although the foyer is often a room on its own, you should focus on interior design ideas that allow you to make the transition from the entryway to the rest of the house smooth.

But let’s stick to foyer decoration ideas now.

The 4 best ways to make your foyer friendly and inviting

  • Focus on colors – wall colors should be chosen based on style and lighting. If you get plenty of natural light in the entryway, you can apply dark hues. In a different case, stick with happier shades and neutrals. It will also depend on your style. If you plan to add plenty of decorative elements, remember that they will color up the room. In this case, you can stick with white or paint only one wall an intense color.

Remember that the color of the floor might alter the color of the wall. But it mostly has to do with the decorative style. One solution is to install a shaker panel and choose a different or contrasting color for the rest of the wall.

It also has to do with the color of the door. If you want a red door to be the focal point, choose lighter hues for the walls.


  • Select the right furniture – not all foyers can home furnishing of all sorts. It depends on the room’s size and structure (long, square etc.) One thing you want to avoid is to squeeze your guests in a square meter due to the oversized console.

Wooden or washed-painted consoles are very trendy. They are classic and still so contemporary! As long as you have the space for them, they will make an esthetic impression and still serve practical purposes (leaving your keys or mail).

Now, if you plan to install a beadboard or another wainscoting profile, you might grab the chance to create some storage space. This idea serves well foyers with limited space and minimal homes.

Another important piece of furniture is the armchair. It creates some intimacy and gives the impression that this house is a home. It will also allow you to sit and take off your shoes and give guests a space to leave a purse.

  • Choose carefully the decorative items – entryways are not actually rooms where you add decorative items. Seldom will you find anyone sitting in the entryway to read a book or use a laptop. But books always make rooms cozier and friendlier. They create a sense of warmth. But only if you are a reader. If the rest of the house doesn’t have any books, such items in the foyer will only betray a desperate move to create fake impressions.

There are all sorts of decorative elements that will make the foyer friendly and warm. Take plants for example. They come second to nothing when it comes to a warm & friendly ‘hello’. You can place small pots on the console or get big pots to put on the floor!

Mirrors are also great decorative pieces. You can hang several small ones on one section of the wall – framed mirrors of different sizes and shapes. If there is a high ceiling, you can also hang an oversized mirror with a bronze frame. It’s very trendy and attractive. Mirrors are not just decorative elements but will also enlarge the room. So they are recommended for small foyers too.

Invest in functional elements rather than decorative ones, like hooks and furniture that will serve as a storage room. The good news is that you can find all kinds of designs, styles, and sizes on the market. You can even use the chair rail of the wainscoting to place hooks or change the upper cap to make it wider and thus serve as a shelf too.

You can use baskets to place hats, beautiful umbrella stands, a modern coat rack, framed family pictures or photos from your trips. You can place a rug or runner, fresh flowers, or an antique chair. If you have the space, you can also put a bookcase in the foyer. It’s often a surprising element in such rooms and will definitely warm up the space.

  • Pay attention to the lighting – if there is enough natural light coming in, you are simply lucky. Whether or not you get plenty of natural light, you will need the right artificial light as well. Sconces are always an elegant choice when trying to make a room friendly and classy. If there is a high ceiling, you can hang a long, long pendant. For such open spaces with high ceilings, it’s always best to choose large and impressive pendants and make them the focal point. Chandeliers are some of the most elegant choices even if your house is very modern. They will break the ice.

For average size ceilings, you can get recessed lighting. What’s important when you choose lighting for the foyer is to make sure you get enough brightness in the space. If not, your foyer will end up a bit depressing when the night falls.

Remember that your foyer must give the impression that your house is a home. It should be the place every guest enjoys visiting and feel welcomed. So follow our advice, always dare to try something new (how about a bright yellow wall!!!), and never forget how important is to follow your personal instincts. After all, not all foyers or needs or personal tastes are the same!!!


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