Garage Storage Solutions: The Best Ideas for You

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Getting from your kitchen to the garage door is not always a walk in the park! Chances are you will trip over a basketball, bump into a bike or slip and fall due to the leaking car oil bottle tossed on the floor! With a cluttered garage, it’s not easy to avoid an accident. Not to mention the nervous breakdown when you are in a hurry to find one specific garden tool and you just can’t find it.

There are garage storage solutions for everyone

Yes, many garages are cluttered. And it doesn’t always have to do with their size. Of course, smaller ones get messy much faster. But big ones give you the chance to keep more and more things in the garage and thus have no way of finding what you are looking for. It becomes a messy business when you need to push and pull ten different objects just to get the car out every morning.

Time to unclutter the garage! Time to get a storage unit

Time to make some changes. After all, large garages are offered for much more than just parking the car. They can be easily turned into gyms, laundry rooms and why not living spaces. But even average sized garages are home to all sorts of equipment. From a single bike to garden tools, that’s the space we all keep them.

The good news is that there are garage storage solutions for all! Small or big, all garages can be uncluttered easily. Before we provide you with the most common storage solutions available on the market, it’s vital to say that you need to start such projects based on your needs.

Remember: not all garages are the same. Not all needs are the same either. You might have a large garage but three cars. You might have a tiny garage but plenty of ceiling space. You might only keep a couple of things or hundreds of items in the garage. So think & plan to get well organized.

Which are the garage storage systems available on the market?

  • Shelving units

You can find shelving systems easily. Alternatively, you can hang independent shelves leaving a small or large space between them depending on the size of items you want to store. The advantage of such garage storage solutions is that they don’t occupy too much space and still provide plenty of room to store all sorts of items. Don’t forget that such units often serve to store smaller items. But pay attention to their overall weight. The last thing you want is to organize all items neatly on the shelves and find them on the floor two days later. The shelving units must withstand the weight of your items.

  • Garage storage cabinets

Cabinets can lock or not. They serve to keep items of various sizes. They also help you keep them out of sight and so make the garage more elegant. When items are stored inside cabinets, they are also free of dust and thus better protected. Since there are lockable garage storage cabinets, you can use them to keep sharp items and thus protect your children.

  • Workbenches

Workbenches are excellent if you need some (limited) workspace and still some shelf storage room. They usually have one or two shelves but also a cabinet. Their height is different too. Pay attention to two things: how much weight they can hold up and how high they should be.

  • Tower racks

Tower racks with wheels are very convenient for long tools and brooms. If you don’t have too many long tools, they are excellent solutions. What’s very convenient about these storage units is that they can be rolled. You can take them outdoors or change their position in the garage.

  • Ceiling storage solutions

Ceiling storage solutions are perfect for small spaces. That is if you don’t have a ceiling mounted garage door opener and want to take advantage of the ceiling space to make room on the floor and walls. Such units include a tracking system and plastic bins. They are very convenient as long as you can reach them relatively easy. Still they are not the best solution for everyday things. It’s best to store in these ceiling units items you hardly use but want to keep. Or, Christmas decorations. Or special tools. Since they hang from the ceiling, make sure they are perfectly secured for your safety’s sake.

  • Wall organization

Getting organized by installing pegs or slat boards on the wall is perhaps the best garage storage solution. The walls are already there. Even if the garage is narrow, you can use the rear wall. You can install a peg rail or cover the wall with boards. A wall panel can feature hooks and baskets. You choose the color and size. You also decide how many hooks and baskets to hang and to what distance from each other so that you can accommodate all your items. Wall storage solutions are excellent because they keep everything off the floor and within easy reach.

How to avoid shelf unit cluttering

It will be kind of frustrating to get the desired garage storage system and still have a hard time finding what you are looking for two months from today. Getting a busy space cluttered is the easiest thing in the world. So it’s best to get well organized from the very start. Big items, like garden tools, bicycles, hoses, ladders, tennis racquets, and brooms are hard to miss. They can find their place in one corner or in a wall storage unit.

In order to avoid losing the small items, get them organized. There are several ways to organize and still find them easily years from now. The idea is to find what suits your habits and needs. Check out our ideas:

  • You can separate them by category. For example, you can keep garden stuff on one side, home stuff on the other side, laundry stuff on a different shelf and so forth.
  • Perhaps the easier way to find little items easy is to label Depending on their size, use baskets, totes, aluminum buckets, or bins and stick a label on them.
  • You can even use containers of different colors to separate items by category. But you should still label them.
  • If you use some items often, don’t hide them. Find a place for them so that they will be tidy but within very easy reach. For example, if you are a handyman and fix things on your workbench every weekend, place a magnetic strip to keep some tools handy.

Two smart garage storage solutions for your peace of mind

  • If you have children, make a storage unit for their own stuff. Let them feel independent and grownups. You can keep one portable storage unit just for them and their toys. This way, they won’t mess with your stuff and most importantly, they won’t get injured by sharp tools when searching for their things.
  • You have no idea how helpful bungee cords are when you want simple storage solutions for balls, toys, and other items. You can hook them on a storage unit and easily remove or place back items.

Time to get back your garage and stop bumping in all sorts of items on the floor. There are all sorts of garage storage units for all sorts of needs and spaces.

Remember: even if you don’t have the space for large storage solutions, you still keep some items in the garage. And today you can find tons of ideas for even the tiniest garage. Go for it and free garage space today.


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