Blue & White: The Timeless Interior Design Idea

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If there is one pair in the color palette that no one gets tired of is the timeless blue & white! And for many good reasons too. It’s soothing, relaxing, elegant, and cool. It’s the perfect pair in nature, fashion, and interior design.

Blue and white is everywhere around us

…in nature

Think about it! It’s the color of the sky along with some beautifully shaped clouds on a clear day. It’s the color of the sea along with the foamy waves.

…in fashion

Now, think of your most comfortable outfit: blue jeans and a white T-shirt. It became a must-have since Marlon Brando became a sex symbol in A Streetcar Named Desire and denoted the rebellion of James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause. Blue & white has become the perfect combination of cool and casual outfits but also the favorite combo for designers like Valentino and Christian Dior. The navy style was inspired by this pair and striped, dotted, and floral garments have been worn by everyone – from Grace Kelly to Victoria Beckham.

…in interior design

It was original the perfect pair for the 9th century Asian ceramics and you can still find the finest China in blue & white. It looks good in every fabric and any combination. It works well with all styles whether you have a minimal or traditional home. From walls and sofas to tiles and cushions, you can make any combination you like and succeed without an effort. The pair speaks on its own!

There is not one interior designer who wouldn’t recommend the blue & white pair for any architectural style. It’s hard to say why, but it’s the only color combo that you will never get tired of. It might have to do that it is inspired by nature. We might get bored with intense reds and yellows but never with blue & white. Without a doubt, white is the most serene color. And although blue might seem strict and austere, it’s one of the most relaxing colors. So, they make the perfect pair – the happiest couple!

So, let’s sum up the advantages of using blue & white for your interior design ideas

  • The combo works perfectly with any interior style – from coastal and country to traditional and minimal.
  • It’s inspirational since it evokes memories of nature.
  • It’s timeless, trendy, soothing, simple, and chic.
  • It looks excellent in all surfaces, materials, and fabrics.
  • There are many shades of blue and so you can use turquoise, midnight blue, baby blue, royal blue, sky blue, ocean blue, air force blue. And there are shades of white too such as white-white, ivory, snow white, or whitesmoke.
  • They are both very relaxing colors but also boost energy.
  • You can make all sorts of combinations in the kitchen, living room, bathroom and any part of the house.

Which blue & white combinations you can make at home

Every little thing you throw in a room will add color. We would all agree that you cannot keep everything in blue & white. And it wouldn’t be the best idea either. What you can do is keep the tone of blue and white by focusing on the main objects: furniture, ceilings, and walls but also main elements, like the curtains and rugs. Then add a few red cushions, yellow tulips, a green vase, or other colorful objects and you’ll witness splendor.

In the living room…

… you can add a white or blue sofa with the contrasting color cushions. Chairs with a striped blue & white fabric is a very nice addition. Continue in the same motif if you want to bring a nautical, beach style sense in the room. If you aim at bringing more elegance, let white walls backdrop the scenery.

As for the shade of blue, remember that the lighter the color the more pleasing the environment. If you like dark blue, keep it limited – especially if the room is not very large or there are no big openings.

In the bedroom…

…  in contrast to common belief, blue is a soothing color and thus a great choice for your bedroom. Since these are private rooms, it’s up to you to choose the shade of blue. But in any case, you can blend it wonderfully with white. What’s easy in bedroom decorations is that you can change the sheets and pillowcases every time you want. So you can use blue or white sheets or blue & white sheets and blankets to create the perfect scenery.

In the bathroom…

… blue and white is the perfect combination. Since this part of the house is associated with water, a splash of turquoise or Caribbean blue will make a difference. Tubs and sinks are already white so you can play with the accessories to bring out the tone of the combo. It’s still easy to change the environment in the bathroom since you can use shower curtains and towels in blue or white to bring out the style you want.

In the kitchen…

… no doubt that the colored combo is the perfect match for the busiest room in the house. If it’s an open plan kitchen and the living room or dining room is also dressed in white and blue shades, the place will look larger if you continue in the same tone. You can use the combo for the backsplash tiles, the cabinets, and kitchen aids.

How about the walls?

Covered with a shaker wainscoting or not, walls play a dominant role in the room. They draw attention and are the backdrops of your scenery. They can be white with a few blue and white decorations, but they can also be painted blue. It would be daring to paint blue the wall above the bead board, but it will be nice. But you can also take a completely different direction.

Who said wainscoting wall panels must be white? How about painting them blue and keep the wall above white? Your decision has to do with the impression you want to give, the size of the room, the height of the ceiling, and how much natural light comes in.

Remember: if you want to bring a high ceiling down, paint the wall over the wainscoting dark blue. But keep it white if you want to give a feeling that the room is larger and the ceiling is higher.

  • The convenience with dark blue wainscots is that they will hide dirt caused by shoes or furniture.

If you want to bring the ceiling down, you can also paint the fifth wall in blue. The darker the shade the lower the ceiling will look.

Extra tips to bring out the perfect blue & white combo

  • Play with geometrics. Blue and white looks excellent in stripes. But dotted fabrics are also great and will break the pattern enhancing the interior design idea.
  • White & blue ceramics either scattered in space or displayed together will make a nice touch in the living room. In the kitchen, you can make the difference with jars.
  • Throw a splash of intense colors in the room: yellows, reds, purples, or greens to break the pattern.
  • Blend natural elements and shades to counterbalance the texture and warm up the space.
  • If you are not sure of the results or a fan of blue, start by adding some elements/objects, like plates, vases, cushions. They can be easily removed and will give you an idea of whether or not you like the combo.
  • Remember that small spaces will look smaller if you overdo it with blue. Choose light shades of blue or even light blue/gray to make the room look bigger.
  • Don’t overmix the two colors. It’s best to stick to some strict lines to avoid giving the impression that the room is busy. For example, paint one wall blue but keep most of the things white or in a lighter shade of blue. The beadboard in the bathroom can be painted blue too.
  • Don’t underestimate the importance of natural light. The less light in the room the more whites and light blues.
  • You can use only one element to bring out the white & blue tone. For instance, use blue chairs in a white dining room.
  • Remember that a touch of black will bring balance and give an edge on the blue & white combo.

One last tip: when it comes to structural elements, like walls & ceilings, don’t be too extreme with your choices. Keep it simple. A wallpaper with a busy pattern will only look good and won’t tire you if it covers just one wall – not all walls in a room. The intention of using blue & white elements is to create a relaxing scenery in the home and not to make it busy. So, have fun decorating!!!


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