Big and Small Bathroom Remodeling Ideas for the Best Results

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Renovating the bathroom is a headache. We can all agree on that. There is always the question of whether to change all fixtures or just convert the tub to a shower unit. And then more and more questions pop up and make you dizzy as you try to decide on materials, colors, accessories and all sorts of things that will upgrade your bathroom. There is also the space limitation in small bathrooms and the question of how to take advantage of the extra room in large baths.

It’s helpful to remember that the best bathroom remodeling ideas are not always the best ones for you. Such projects succeed only when you take into consideration the special requirements of your own bathroom. So pay attention to its size, whether or not it is ventilated, your style, whether this is a master or guest bathroom, and all kinds of details that should be taken into account before any major decision.

All the same, the goal of bathroom renovation projects is to make the room more functional and cozier. No matter which styles and designs you prefer, there should be a soothing feeling every time you walk in the bathroom. When you walk out, you should feel rejuvenated, fresh, and relaxed. And so the ambiance in the bathroom is very, very important.

Here are some bathroom remodeling ideas for you

Choose floating furniture

There is no bathroom without a counter. And there is a chance you could fit a makeup vanity too. It’s definitely a good idea to use an antique as the vanity – that’s only if you have the space for it. When it comes to really large bathrooms, you can create cozy corners by using special furniture as storage or makeup units. But when it comes to average or small bathrooms, you need to make good use of the space without losing the airy feeling. Either way, floating vanities come to untie your hands. You can still have a cabinet or drawer under the sink but also all the benefits of floating vanities.

  • Easy to clean under the vanity
  • Plenty of space to hide stepstools or dirty clothes baskets
  • The bathroom looks bigger
  • It creates a minimalist sense and lets the eye flow

Choose soothing colors

The color you choose to paint the bathroom walls should promote tranquility. And we are talking about the walls because they occupy most space in the room. There is no doubt that all trims, accessories, furniture, and items you keep in the bathroom should allow you to relax. It’s best to avoid vivid hues, especially if this a small bathroom. The smaller the bathroom is the whiter it should be. Light hues will give the illusion that the bathroom is bigger. But then again it depends on whether this is the master or guest bathroom. For the latter, you can use contrasting colors – like black crown molding and white walls to keep the energy flowing. For your private bathroom, neutrals warm up the space and increase serenity. So play with cream, light grays, and whites. Don’t forget that there are many shades of each color and you can make plenty of combinations – white & baby blue, light gray & light green etc.

Choose the right material

Wood adds warmth. And that’s exactly what you want in the bathroom. The good news is that the development of technology enabled manufacturers to blend materials to make them more resistant. After all, you don’t want a wood crown molding or floor to swell and warp due to the high moisture levels in the bathroom. If you want to use wood, get processed materials (composite) which are water resistant. You can also use marble, deck or tiles. Today, you can find amazing designs even in the tile industry.

One of the greatest solutions is Corian. It’s a non-porous, free of grout, and very solid material which is ideal for floors, walls, showers, and counters. You can choose any design and color you like and worry not about water damage.

Choose the right fixtures

Bathroom fixtures make all the difference to your convenience. Install the wrong ones and you will have trouble moving around or cleaning the bathroom. So, the first rule is to choose toilets, shower cabinets, tubs and sinks that will be of the right size for your bathroom and arranged in a way that they won’t keep you from moving around.

With that said, let us just say that one of the greatest comebacks is the freestanding tub. It’s the best way to relax after a tiring day. If there is a big window in the bathroom, place the tub close to the window so that you can enjoy the view. If there is sufficient space in the bathroom, nothing is more convenient and luxurious than a frameless glass shower unit. As for the sink, there are innovative designs to make your bathroom modern and classy. From the classic white ceramic and black granite to marble and stone sinks, you can find them in all sizes and designs.

Choose beautiful accessories

Bathroom accessories range from the robe hooks, paper holder, soap dispenser and toothbrush stand to towels, bins, towel bars and shelves. No matter which style you choose – modern, traditional or transitional – make sure the accessories you get match your style. And they should also match each other. Don’t get a silver-tone tower bar and bronze faucets. Towels, vases, baskets and all items should be matching too. Keep them simple and choose soothing, neutral colors to promote serenity. For example, get wooden baskets or hang mirrors with ropes.

Choose the right lighting

You need lots of light in the bathroom. If there is a big window, things are easy during the day. But you will still need the right bulbs at night. Prefer LEDs. They cost a bit more but last longer and consume less energy. They can also be dimmed to help you keep control of your expenses but also to create the right ambiance. You definitely need good lighting over your mirror. Get recessed lighting for the ceiling. Make a great impression in the guest bathroom by hanging a chandelier.

How to add character to the bathroom

  • You can use all sorts of bathroom remodeling ideas to upgrade the room but if you want to make it unique, choose one special material, or item, or accessory that will stand out. Want a few ideas?
  • Install Moroccan tiles on the floor or wall. Or just cover part of the walls or floor. The decorative patterns, special colors, and geometric designs do all the talking. You can even mix & match different designs and make all sorts of combinations to make a statement and style up the bath.
  • Get a bronze freestanding bathtub with an antique-style faucet. It’s the old way of expressing the contemporary looks of the bathroom.
  • Install a modern crown molding while keeping the rest of the bathroom minimal. The design of the trim will crown the ceiling in the most stylish way drawing the eye upwards.
  • Get advantage of any special structural features in the bathroom to make the room unique. For example, if there is a cathedral ceiling, use a nice chandelier or stencil the ceiling.
  • If the guest bathroom lacks a shower or tub, take advantage of the lack of steam to use wallpaper. There are incredible designs today and you can match wallpapers with wainscoting and crown molding too. If you don’t install ceiling moldings, the wallpaper doesn’t have to end where the walls end. It can expand on the ceiling too.
  • Use patina furniture or antiques to make the room trendier or more elegant.

Remember: your bathroom must be functional. Not boring. Functionality & style can be easily paired with so many ideas and products available these days. On the other hand, you shouldn’t overdo it with special ideas and products. Make the bathroom spicy by installing Moroccan floor tiles and a freestanding bathtub but keeping all other fixtures and accessories simple. In other words, focus on one or two focal points. And don’t forget that this is your bathroom. It should reflect your character.


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