Bath Remodel Tips: What You Should Know Before a Bathroom Renovation

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There are no limitations when it comes to bathroom renovation projects. And there are many bath remodeling ideas. After all, not all bath remodels are alike. Bathrooms differ in terms of size and structure. And then again, everyone has different needs. But all bath renovations need detailed planning and patience. You need to imagine the results before you even start such projects. The budget is always a concern. It takes money to even replace a faucet let alone renovating the whole bathroom. But done well from the start, your bathroom will provide the expected indulgence every day.

Why bathroom renovations need patience?

Bathroom remodeling planning takes time. It’s very important to consider what you want to do in combination with how much money you want to spend and how much space is available in the room. Only then you can start looking for the bathroom fixtures and accessories, flooring options etc. All the same, it takes a while before you actually have them delivered. And then it’s a matter of finding the right bathroom renovation contractor. The truth is that such jobs are not easy even for DIY enthusiasts.

Why do you need a bathroom remodeling contractor?

And why do you need bath remodel tips?

These are two completely different questions but they have the same answer. Bathroom renovations are not easy. There are water lines, plumbing pipes, and electrical power all in the same room where you walk barefoot and get in the shower. The last thing you want is accidents either due to shorts or slippery floors. You don’t want to deal with floods due to bad installations or have a vanity counter which is hardly convenient. What you need is to consider all options and that’s where tips jump in to save the situation. And that’s also why you need an experienced bath remodeling contractor. He will help you with your plans, decisions, details, and installations. With that said, let us move on to see the main things you should consider before you remodel your bathroom.

General bath remodeling tips

Replace the old plumbing pipes

Drain systems and water lines are all hidden and so it’s not easy to tell whether or not it’s time to replace them. If this is an old house or they have never been replaced, start with that. Although it will cost you more to change pipes, it’s worth investing in new products (and thus more resistant materials) if you are renovating the bathroom and especially if you are removing the existing floor.

Make sure the bathroom fixtures are arranged correctly

The arrangement of the bath fixtures depends on the size and space in the room. Don’t forget that vanities, tubs, shower cabinets, and toilets come out in different sizes too. What you need to do is design the best possible layout to leave enough room for traffic and make your bathroom convenient. The shape of the bathroom (square, rectangular etc.) often determines the bathroom fixture layout. They usually occupy space on two or three walls. It’s easier to have one close to another for cleaning purposes as well. Although modern interior design rules dictate that the toilet should be hidden in master bathrooms, focus on your convenience. If you have to walk and turn in order to move from the sink to the toilet in order to clean the toilet seat, it will be a drag.

Focus on good ventilation

This is one of the most important things. Without good ventilation, mold will quickly find its way into your freshly renovated bathroom. And that won’t only be a pity but also a risk to your health. If there is a small window and can be enlarged, go for it. If there is no window and you can install one, do it. But since you can’t keep the window open all day long, invest in a good vent system as well.

Get a good combination of lighting options

When it comes to bathroom lighting options, you need to consider many things. How much natural light comes in? How big is the bathroom? You definitely need good illumination around the mirror. This is the place where you save, put make-up on, and get ready. This is one room in the house where you need every corner lit properly not just for the obvious (illumination) reasons but also because of the light’s ability to make spaces look bigger and more joyful. Don’t forget that your shower must be well lit too. Get the right enclosed bah lights.

Consider heating

There is no much to say here other than the obvious: your bathroom must have the ideal temperatures for you to feel comfortable to jump in the shower without rushing. You get my meaning!!!

Choose functional bathroom accessories

When it comes to bath accessories, there are all sorts of options to combine function & aesthetics. And we are not talking just about towels and soap dispensers. Think out of the box and try to buy products, which will beautify the room but also serve a purpose. For example, get heated towel bars and water-efficient fixtures.

Make room for storage

Who doesn’t room storage space in the bathroom? Whether to store soaps and shampoos or keep your towels nicely organized, you need good shelving solutions and cabinets. Use cabinets with doors to keep detergents and cleaning tools. Get open shelves for your towels. They must be all within easy reach and tailored for your bathroom. With that said, always consider your height and age when you choose bathroom storage solutions and accessories. The point is to get them with ease whether we are talking about grabbing the towel or reaching out to the cabinet over the sink.

Think of your safety

Many accidents happen in the bathrooms. You don’t need to be an elderly person to use grab shower bars or a kid to hit at the corner of the counter. So make sure you install grab bars and at the right height. Choose non-slippery floors and mats. Keep sockets covered and/or out of the reach of children. Avoid glass frameless showers if you have sight problems or children running around. And no matter how beautiful a chandelier would look over your bathtub, don’t hang it there. Should anything goes wrong and the light fixture lands on your tub, you will have a serious problem.

Let’s take a walk in the bathroom

Sinks & Countertops

Make sure your sink and countertop have the right height for you. Then, consider your sink options. Self-rimming sinks are the most cost-effective options but grime would grow around them. Having two sinks in the master bathroom might be a luxury you can’t afford in a rather small bathroom. It’s best to have one sink and a larger counter. Remember that the countertop shouldn’t be large enough to obstruct traffic but as large as possible to allow you to keep everything you need on it.

Tubs & Showers

If you lack the space, convert the tub to a shower. If you have enough room for both, this would be lovely. Shower cabinets serve better in the morning and when you are in a hurry to go while tubs are the best place to relax when you find the time. The good news is that there are large and small bathtubs. And you can have your shower custom made. The important thing is to make sure they are the right size for your bathroom. A tiny tip: if you get a rather narrow tub, get a curved rod that will create more space in the tub (or shower).

Floor & Walls

Bathroom tile installation is very popular. That’s because tiles are very resistant to water. Just make sure you get the right grout and seal them properly. As an overall, you need to give great importance to caulking when it comes to bath renovations. When it comes to materials, wood will transform your bathroom into an elegant room. But it’s not resistant. We wouldn’t recommend it since it will need good maintenance and in the event of water damage, you’ll be in trouble. Tiles are always the best choice but you can also use concrete for both the floor and walls. Beadboard and wood floors will be best for guest baths although you can install wainscoting panels made of composites and plastic. What you should also avoid in the master bathroom is wallpaper unless you don’t mind replacing it relatively often.


Consider your hue options based on your personal preferences, size of the bathroom and how much natural light comes in. The smaller and less lit the bathroom is the whiter the colors. Light hues make baths look bigger. As an overall, it’s good to paint the bathroom light colors to make it more relaxing. But that’s really up to you. Any color and any hue combination will be attractive – white bead board and grey wall, black wall and white crown molding & baseboard, striped walls etc.

How to save money when you renovate the bathroom

Don’t move plumbing pipes

If you have replaced the pipes and water lines quite recently or the house is relatively new, there is no need to change them again.

Visit the flea market

If you are looking for storage solutions, you might find antiques and a number of vintage solutions in flea markets.

Get resistant & durable materials

Some things cannot be replaced easily. And they don’t come cheap. Bathroom floors and tubs, for example, are not easy to change. Spend more money on such renovations and not on toilets or cabinets which are not very important and can be replaced easier. Today, you can find cost-effective faucets, accessories, and hardware that will still make an impression. So, you will save money on such items in order to focus on more resistant and durable products that won’t be changed again anytime soon.

Check out the toilet

If this fixture is in good condition, there is no need to replace the whole porcelain perch. You can simply replace the toilet seat and lid.

Invest in big openings and light colors

When the bathroom is painted light colors and washed with plenty of natural light, you will save energy. So bathroom windows come very handily for both energy savings and ventilation purposes. To get more light more hours during the day, use light colored drapes too.

Replace what you need

If you love your tub or there is nothing wrong with your counter, there is no need to pay extra for a full bathroom renovation. It’s vital to replace fixtures and floors, which are worn or compromise your safety and limit your movements.

Your bathroom must be a safe room, where you find peace. You should feel safe stepping on your floor and find the serenity looking for all day long without compromising convenience. So, take a moment to plan your bathroom renovation according to your needs. We hope our bath remodel tips were helpful!


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Melissa Caron

My husband and I are in the process of remodeling our bathroom, and I think that we jumped the gun a little bit because we are kind of lost. After reading this article, I am inspired to take a step back and plan more.

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