7 Super Good Reasons for Painting Interior Trims Black

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Black is revolutionary and bold! It makes an instant statement and can define the space. That’s why it is the right color for interior wall and ceiling trims. Keep in mind that using black is very similar to using white. They are both considered neutral shades and require attention depending on the expected visual effects. If you like white tones in the house and nothing to stand out, black is not for you. But if you want to make a difference or transform the room without bothering with fundamental changes, this is the best interior design solution for you.

We thought of 7 super reasons for painting interior trims black. Get comfy and read on.

Why paint interior trims black?

  1. Let interior trims stand out

When we are talking about interior trims, we include baseboards, crown molding, and door & window casing. Such trims define structural elements. Take window casing, for example. It frames the window. Trims around openings define entry points. Crown moulding becomes the frame of the ceiling. In other words, trims are installed to highlight certain points in the room and make the transition from one surface to the next smooth.

Now imagine such decorative wall and ceiling moldings painted black. They punctuate and polish the space. They enable trims to stand out and make a statement.

  1. Hide imperfections

Over the years, trims might wear. Take wood crown molding and door casing for instance. They might have some tiny cracks. They might have lost their initial glamor. Black covers all imperfections. And so if there is no need to replace trims yet, you don’t have to. All you’ve got to do is paint them black.

Another functional reason for painting decorative wall trim black is to hide dirt. That’s very helpful if you have children. The little fingers can easily smudge door openings. The dirty shoes can easily make the baseboard filthy. Black covers everything up.

  1. Create the illusion of substantial architectural changes

You can use black trims to highlight a beautiful wallpaper. If there are wainscoting panels, you can also paint them black and increase the dramatic effect in the room. But how about if the room poses no interest in terms of interior design? How about if the room is filled with blonde wood furniture and needs some color to pop? Paint trims black. That’s an excellent solution.

Don’t forget that black is the strongest color. It brings drama and adds visual weight. It will become the best choice if you like to make the room more interesting without adding intense colors, like reds, greens, or yellows. All you have to do is paint black the doors and trims, and here you go. Your space will be transformed with minimum efforts.

  1. Highlight a monochromatic room

Monochromatic rooms can be lovely, but often boring. You often need to add a splash of color without stealing away the glamor of monochrome. Even in bathrooms, where the clean spa look is often a must, you can use black for the trims to make it pop. Sometimes, black helps monochromatic rooms make a statement. They provide that little touch needed to make a white room look as white as ever. And that because it creates the necessary contrast and let the eye see ‘white’ from a different perspective.

  1. Define space

With black, you define space. What trims do is provide a frame around the ceiling, windows, openings, and floors. Have you ever thought why women mostly use black eyeliners? They want to ‘define’ their eyes. They want them to stand out by creating a line with an intense color. That’s black. And that’s exactly what black wall and ceiling moldings do too.

A black window casing will define this structural element and showcase a breathtaking view. Black highlights and defines interior openings. It becomes a sophisticated solution for the fireplace mantel. Due to its intensity, black will draw attention to any surface-to-surface transition and create beautiful borders within the home.

  1. Viva la revolution!

If you want to make your home rock, paint the ceiling and wall trim moulding black. It will be sleek, contemporary, and elegant. There is no doubt that black is the ultimate solution for contemporary and minimal homes. But even if you have a traditional home and want to modernize it, black can do the trick.

Just think of your dentil crown molding painted black. When painted white, it’s traditional and classic. Painted black can be a totally different decorative element.

  1. Quick home upgrade

Painting the interior moldings black is the best solution when you are looking for smart and frugal interior design ideas. All you have to do is paint the trims and doors black. That’s it! It’s inexpensive and the best idea for quick home transformations.

And don’t forget that black is like white. It can be paired with any color. Black trims will look good in a room with black & white striped walls. They will look wonderful in an all-white room. They will make the perfect match for your black walls. Black goes well with wood or marble. Black is the solution for fast home improvements and breathtaking interior designs. So, why not go for it!Κράτα το

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