5 Autumn Interior Ideas to Freshen Up Your Home

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One would wonder why some of the most creative home décor ideas are born in autumn! It has a lot to do with us returning home from the summer vacations and abandoning the outdoor environment. It is also associated with the splendid colors of fall. The golden and chocolate hues in the natural environment are inviting and thus inspiring. What we want is to grab them and bring them home.

Bring the outdoors indoors


Since the autumn days start getting chillier and chillier – at least in most parts of the world, what we want to do is to move from the patio to the living room. Before we do that, it’s smart to take care of the outdoors. If you have a shed, it’s easy. You just put the garden furniture, scattered tools, and hoses in the shed and you are done. If not, protect your patio chairs and tables with furniture covers. Today, you can find beautiful covers for all sorts of garden furniture. While we are writing these lines, we found some great deals for furniture covers at Design Furnishings.

When you move indoors, don’t forget to bring nature with you. Literally! Fill your vases with leaves and tree branches to create the right atmosphere. The yellows and oranges will do the trick! And this brings us to the next very important autumn decoration idea.

Add fall colors to space


What’s distinctive in fall is the golden colors. And that’s what you want to bring with you indoors. White might be splendid in the summer but the romantic sense in the autumn air requires more earthy colors. So mimic nature! As the days get shorter and the nights get longer, nature prepares for winter. The green leaves turn yellowish. The whole natural environment gets a reddish and purplish hue. Even the fur of some animals changes to adapt to the lower temperatures and create the perfect camouflage for the winter. While the entire nature is slowly taking the step from one season to the next so do we.

The fall color palette for the home ranges from orange and yellow to dark green, red and purple. Think of the impact Vermeer’s work has on your senses. What you want is to feel the warmth of your home during the first raining and cold days. For that, you need the right indoor environment. To do that, you don’t have to repaint the walls or engage in similar costly tasks. All it takes is to add a mustard throw on the sofa and change the cover of your throw pillows.

Create a cozy ambiance


Lighting up candles is the best way to warm up the atmosphere. Prefer scented candles to stimulate your inner senses. Find what you are looking for at Burke Decor.

Although it’s not time to light up the fireplace just yet, get the right accessories to be ready. Get a new basket where you will keep your burning-wood. That’s the ideal material for a great autumn living room décor.

Get a new lamp. The right lighting fixture will make all the difference in your autumn home decoration. It’s an inexpensive way to treat yourself with a new decorative item, which will be functional too. There are table and floor lamp options so that you won’t bother with ceiling or wall lighting installation. The good news is that there is a huge option of classic and contemporary styles whichever part of the house you want to illuminate. Check out what’s available at LightsOnLine.

Since wood is the ultimate material for a cozy autumn decoration, get new stools for the kitchen. If you like the wood & cast iron combination, we would suggest taking a look at the products of LexMod. We found a great collection for an industrial look but also great dining sets, chairs and tables for an airy look. Check them out here.


Switch art painting. If you have a spare room, a garage or a shed, where you can keep hanging pictures, take the chance to change what you hang on your wall with season changes. This is the easiest way to create a visual effect without practically doing anything at all. For optimal fall décor effects, prefer to hang pictures with thick rope. It goes without saying that the theme should be in darker hues to represent the mood of the season.

Refresh small decorative items. We are always in favor of items, which will provide some utility too. So we would suggest getting a new clock either for the kitchen or home office. Changing the mirror in the guest bathroom is also a good idea. Alternatively, you can get a mirror to hang on your foyer wall or living room. We found exactly what we had in mind at DotandBo.

Start warming up the place


Change the drapes

One of the best ways to get into the autumn mood and get prepared for winter is to change the drapes. During the summer, we all want airy materials. As the temperatures keep falling, you want draperies that would provide better insulation and warm up the ambiance too. You can always switch to wooden shades – preferably in a chocolate hue. But if you are a fan of curtains, get thicker ones. Thick silk and velvet are two elegant options. As for the color, it would depend on your room’s hues. The most charming options are monochromatic ones. Patterned curtains might be too heavy, especially if you have sofas, cushions, and rugs in different motifs. Don’t forget that they occupy a large space in the room. If you like patterned designs, prefer subtle ones. If the space is already monochromatic and white, add color by hanging dark orange drapes.

Time for a heavier quilt

Get ready to warm up your nights. There is no need to waste money on utility bills. You can simply get the winter quilt out or invest in a new one. An inexpensive way to make your day (or night) is to buy new sheets, but choose from the autumn color palette. This will freshen up your bedroom.

The rug season is here


Time to lay out the area rugs or even get new ones. If you want to change the looks of your bedroom or warm up your home office, get sheepskin rugs. A great alternative is black & white or brown & white cow skin rugs. If you live in England, we found a great range of options at Graham and Green.

If you don’t have a wall-to-wall carpet, area rugs come to warm up the space in a dual way. They offer insulation and create the ideal fall/winter ambiance. You can lay them on the foyer hall as a big ‘hello’ to your friends and definitely cover the living room and dining room floors. If you are thinking of investing in a new rug, make sure you choose colors and designs based on the room’s style. After all, they don’t come cheap and so you have to make a good choice.

Get ready for seasonal festivities


Pumpkins are customary home decorative items this season. But no matter how much everyone enjoys Halloween, the autumn provides plenty of opportunities for get-togethers. You don’t need a reason for meeting with friends and family now! Do you? After all, now that everyone is back from the summer getaways, it’s time to share experiences and memories. Facebook might be the easy way to share photos and comments, but don’t let it be the only one. Fall is the perfect time for dinners. It’s not too cold to go out and it’s not too hot to stay in. So it’s the perfect time to learn new recipes, get new ovenware or invest in new dishes. At Corelle, we found a great collection for this season. Check it out here.

From a new clock to a new rug, there are small and big items you can get to refresh your home for the fall and get in the mood. The idea is to get things you need but will also make you happy. Remember that each home is different. Your style is unique. But there is still a million and one ways to get your home autumn-ready without spending much. Happy fall days!


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